It’s awesome to be a part of such a special, emotional and touching event like wedding. Each time I realize that I’m doing something important, something that makes people happy!
I will help you with any crazy ideas and guarantee an individual approach to each customer. Your celebration will be perfect down to the last detail: wedding ceremony, hall decoration, floristics, invitations and printables, candy-bar, photo-zones, presents to guests.

Kid’s parties are the cutest events but complicated in the same time. That’s why it’s important to think over each part of the holiday and have a lot of options in your mind.
I will decorate the whole party in any wishing theme and color: party rooms, game attributes, printables for kids, candy-bars, personal props for each guest and so on.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, that’s why each time I’m so happy when I have a chance to work with Christmas decorations.
I love to create celebration spirit in any style, starting from red&gold classic and finishing any craziest modern version: decorating of any institutions, malls and shopping centers, showcases, living houses, offices, photo-studios etc.

If you need any art-help with your space, loft or any project at all I will be happy to do it!
I can provide interior design development: shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, creative spaces and much more. Also if you have corporate party, family date or any other celebration I will help with party decorations and will work out all even smallest details of your project.
Another one option is the full organization of exhibitions design.

Working with textile was always my hobby but I learned it professionally in University. I can provide various types of work with fabric, starting with textile interior design and finishing with soulful things like key trinket.
I can work with technics like batik (paintings on silk), handmade lace, gobelen, interior textile (curtains, bedcovers, pillows, tablecloth, serviettes and decorative elements), toys and so on.

I started to draw when I was 11 years old, and it’s my passion for the rest of my life.
In University I learned a lot of technics that helps me in all directions of my work: graphic (pencil, charcoal and inc drawing), painting art (acrylic, watercolor and gouache drawing). I’m using this knowledge in interior design painting walls and any needful elements.

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